October 25, 2016 Show: Rep. Chris Van Hollen on Taxes, Veterans, Police Body Cameras

Congressman Chris Van Hollen Interview

This week the Barristers spoke with Representative Chris Van Hollen about his campaign for US Senate, corporate taxes, reforming the Department of Veterans Affairs, and problems with transparency in police body camera programs.

October 18, 2016 Show: The Future of the Second Amendment, with Alan Gura, Esq.


This week, Alex and William sit down with attorney Alan Gura, who successfully argued two landmark constitutional cases before the United States Supreme Court, District of Columbia v. Heller and McDonald v. Chicago. With the next president sure to pick at least one Supreme Court Justice, Mr. Gura discusses the future of 3D printed weapons, smart weapons, micro-stamping, and other ways the courts and technology affected Second Amendment rights over the last few years.

October 11, 2016 Show: The High Cost of Healthcare with Dr. David Belk


Health Insurance is a protections racket, says tonight’s guest, Dr. David Belk. By the end of the show you will probably agree.

Why do your prescription copays usually cost more than the price the uninsured pay? Why are insurance companies happy with absurdly high hospital bills – and how do they make the insurance companies even more money? Find out in tonight’s episode and check out Dr. Belk’s research at http://truecostofhealthcare.net/