August 30, 2016 Show: Comptroller Peter Franchot on A/C in Schools and Fantasy Sports


Never one to mince words, Comptroller Peter Franchot joins the Baltimore Barristers to discuss the ongoing controversy in Baltimore County and City over the lack of air conditioning and his new proposed regulations of fantasy sports. The Barristers also discuss the privately-funded aerial surveillance of Baltimore City.

August 23rd, 2016 Show: Trespassing for Pokémon, Sex Crimes, and Uber Private Investigators

Can a homeowner sue over PokémonGo over repeated trespassers trying to get to a “Pokéstop” in his backyard? Can a father get child custody away from an Ex who marries a convicted sex offender? Can an elementary school teacher be prosecuted for having a relationship with an adult high school student? Legal analysis on these bizarre stories and more on tonight’s episode.

August 16, 2016 Show: Campus Censorship with Ari Cohn of FIRE

The-Fire-Foundation-for-individual-rights-in-education 4th

With hypersensitivity and censorship running wild on college campuses, The Barristers invited attorney Ari Cohn from the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education to share some war stories from the front lines. How can public university in a free and open society ban “inconsiderate jokes”, “inappropriately directed laughter”, or any “discussions about sexual activity”? The simple answer: it is unconstitutional, but most universities get away with it.

Next, the Barristers discuss the recent Department of Justice Report on alleged unconstitutional practices of the Baltimore City Police Department.

August 9, 2016 Show: Fixing the VA, with Dr. Mark Plaster

Two-year wait times, secret lists, and bonuses for the bad guys. Everyone has heard what’s wrong with the Veteran’s Health Administration, but fixing it is the real question. Tonight, the Barristers meet with Doctor Mark Plaster, a Navy veteran, surgeon, and attorney, to discuss solutions. Should it be easier for corrupt or incompetent officials to be fired, and can long wait times be avoided with affordable alternatives to VA care? Next, the Barristers discuss Dr. Plaster’s candidacy for Congress in the 3rd Congressional District, the most gerrymandered in the nation.