December 29, 2015 Show: Tamir Rice and a proposed Towson Mall Curfew

The Baltimore Barristers debate the grand jury decision not to indict two police officers in the shooting death of twelve year old Tamir Rice. Next, the Barristers discuss a curfew proposal in Towson after a rock-throwing incident involving large numbers of teenagers at Towson Mall.

December 22, 2015 Show: Concussion, Football, and Car Accidents with Doctor James Beauchamp

The Baltimore Barristers welcomed Dr. James Beauchamp onto the show to discussion concussions in the context of football (from the NFL to highschool), Will Smith’s “Concussion” movie, and auto accidents. Then, in the last segment, the Barristers discuss the case of a man charged with assault with a deadly weapon for sending someone a photograph of a BB gun. Last, but not least: Donald Trump’s immigration proposals – are they constitutional?

December 15, 2015 Show: Presidential Politics with Sen. Bernie Sanders’ National Press Secretary, Symone Sanders.

The Baltimore Barristers welcomed Sen. Bernie Sanders’ National Press Secretary, Symone Sanders on the show to discuss a host of issues, including climate change, the war on drugs, and the 2nd Amendment.

In the last segment, the Barristers discuss the latest updates in the trial of Officer Porter in the first of six Freddie Gray trials.

December 1, 2015 Show: Suing Charlie Sheen, Update on Freddie Gray, and much more!

The Baltimore Barristers start off the night with analysis of the jury selection in the trial of the first defendant in the Freddie Gray case. Next, the Barristers discuss legal issues relating to Charlie Sheen’s HIV announcement, and then close the night with some interesting and bizarre traffic laws.