September 29, 2015 Show: Police Body Cameras, Fan Violence, and Breathalyzer Refusals

Steve and Alex discuss speed police body camera proposals in Baltimore County and City, and the civil liberties issues involved. Next, the Barristers talk about sport team liability for fan violence. And to end the night, some practical advice on refusals at DUI stops.

September 22, 2015 Show: Traffic Cameras with guest Delegate Robin Grammer

Delegate Robin Grammer of District 6 (Essex and Dundalk) comes on the show to discuss traffic cameras with the Barristers, and talks about potential changes in the law next session. Afterwards, Steve and Alex talk to a caller who had seven camera tickets in the last month, and give him advice for his day in court.

September 15, 2015 Show: Fan Safety Lawsuits and Second Amendment Rights in Maryland

In the first segment, Steve and Alex discuss fan safety lawsuits against the MLB and how they might affect you and your fellow fans. Next, the Barristers discuss 2nd Amendment rights and a number of murder trials in Maryland. Lastly, stick around for some practical advice on hit and run drivers and the law.

September 8, 2015 Show: Freddie Gray, Deflategate, and Driver Safety

Steve and Alex discuss the criminal trial in the Freddie Gray case, including the possibility of a change of venue, and the issues in Deflategate. In the third segment, the Barristers discuss four things every driver should know to do if they’re ever in an auto collision.